If facebook existed in the times of Ramayana

Ram uploads status- "Going on long vacation with babe n bro..."
Kekai likes this!
... Bharat- Hv fun bro..
Sita- Yipee!!!

Wen raavan abducts sita,
Ram uploads status- "Raavan, u r soo bloody screwed!"
Sita likes this.
Raavan- Bring it on dude!
Hanumanji- M wid u bro.. !
Raavan- screwed off monkey... :p

Soon, Ram writes on Sita's wall- "Dont worry babe, m cming soon.. LOVE U honey... Mmmuuuaaahh:*"
Laxman, Sita n Hanumanji like ths!

Sita's status UPLOAD- "Gawd! No fashion sense here! Every woman luks like a fat monkey!!"
Sita- all galz r juz eww!
Raavan- Shut up! Dont say anythng abt my country's lovely chicks!
Sita- lovely! LOL..! ;)

After killing Raavan, Ram uploads status- "Yo Ayodhayites, coming bck wid wify n bro... B prepared for party/.

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