Girls and Boys in Facebook

What Happens When a Girl Put   :(   as her Facebook Status...

Girls Comments:

1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! :O Kya Hua..?

2. Hey, Every Thing Okay ? Should I Call ? :(

3. Hey, Don't Be Sad. Tell Me What Happened? :/

4. Everything's Gonna Be Okay Baby, Chill :*

[ Now what happens When a Guy Put  :(  in his status...

Boys Comments:

1. Rota Hi Rahiyo Zindagi Bhar Saale :D

2. Kya Hua Kaminay :P

3. Dukhi Aatma ;)

4. Zindagi Barbaad Hai Teri :D :D

5: Kia Yar Tere Dramey Band Nai Hote :@

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