What is 10 plus 10

Once all sardars get disgusted about the large number of jokes that are cracked about them and so they come together in an auditorium to prove to the world that aren't that silly after all. They call upon one sardar and ask him, 'What is 10 plus 10?'

After thinking for some time sardarji replies, '25!'

The officials to whom they want to prove get disgusted but thousands of sardars in the auditorium start shouting, 'Give him another chance!'

So the officials ask him again, 'What is 5 plus 5?'

The sardar replies after thinking for awhile, '30!'

Again there's shouting from the audience, 'Give him another chance!'

Another question is posed, 'What is 2 plus 2?'

The sardarji replies after much thought, '4!'

Again the voice of thousands shouts, 'Give him another chance!!!!'

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