Santa & Banta With Umbrella

Santa: Yaar Banta there is a hole in your umbrella.

Banta: I know. I purposely made it.

Santa: But Whhyyyy?

Banta: Arey Yaar, So that I know the rain is stopped.

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  1. Dirtiest Message Of All Tym .....

    Sardar g In a Plane
    Feels Vomiting & ask 4 a
    Vomit Bag, Air Hostess
    Gives Him The Bag After
    Few Minutes When She
    Comes Back Evry1 Was
    Vomiting Except Sardar g
    She Was Surprisd & Askd
    "Sardar g In Sab ko Kia Hua?"
    Sardar g: "Me Ulti Kiti Ena Lokan
    Nu Buri Lagi Te Me Wapis Pee Gya ... "

    Santa Banta SMS



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