Sardar Vs Tyson

One rainy day, Sardar singh was travelling by his New FERRARI car. He was not a very good driver and so, didnot have complete control on it.

Mike tyson was also riding his bike on the same road. At a speed breaker Sardar's car came in contact with Tyson's bike. Tyson got very angry. He dragged Sardar out of the car and threw him a few yards away from the car.

Tyson then drew a small circle around Sardar and shouted "Hey!! It's not easy for you to damage my bike and get away. Now I will be thrashing your car. You should stay inside this circle and watch me smash yourcar. If you come out of the circle, I will kill you immediately".

Then tyson turned towards the car and he smashed its side indicators Then he looked at sardar. Sardarlooked at tyson sarcastically.Tyson's anger grew and he smashed the window panes and then again looked at Sardar. Sardar grinned at Tyson. Tyson was confused.Tyson now could not control his anger and he broke theside doors and tore away the seats of the car. Then he again looked at Sardar. Sardar was laughing so hardthat he could hardly stand.

This time Tyson came to Sardar and he told "Oh! whatis this ? I am spoiling your expensive car and you are so happy about it?" Sardar replied "Every time you turned towards the car I was out of the circle and youdid not notice it."

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